Women & Non-Binary Folks Talk Tech


Women & Non-Binary People in Tech (“WomEnby-Tech” for short) is a group for women and non-binary folks in tech at Etsy with a mission to empower, promote, and connect women and non-binary people at Etsy who are interested in technology.

Join us for a series of lightning talks related to technology, entrepreneurship, product development, and design. Each speaker will present for ~5 minutes followed by a group Q&A.

Stefanie Schirmer — OMG building a shell in 5 minutes

A shell is the shortest connection to talk to your operating system and its kernel. We can execute processes in it, and spawn them as child processes for simple multitasking. Some of us may have had to write a minimal self-made shell as an exercise in school; here we will attempt to build one in just 5 minutes. Let’s try it!

Jessica Harllee — Encouraging designers to craft code

At Etsy, designers are empowered to push code and collaborate directly with engineers. Hear a few of the ways we make it easy for designers to be a part of the process.

Devina Dhawan — Amazon Web Services at Etsy

Amazon Web Services is used for major backups here at Etsy and we spent a lot of time last year tidying it up so we can have more effective usage of this service. Come learn how Etsy uses these services and how we encourage our teams to support them.

Katrina Walser — Knitters are Human Compilers

People who knit have a very similar function to compilers – they execute well-formed instructions to create something useable. Come find out more, and how knitting patterns translate really easily into computer programs!

Ayla Myers — Generating Images with Wave Function Collapse

There are a lot of ways to get computers to do some pretty clever things: neural networks, markov chains, etc. I will share a technique I found for generating images that takes inspiration from quantum mechanics.

Alex Daud — Etsy AV & Code As Craft

As an AV Engineer at Etsy, Alex Daud has worked behind the scenes at several Code As Craft events. Find out what audiovisual solutions bring Code As Craft to life, both in person and streamed online, and trace the signal flow from the person at the podium to the published video on YouTube.


Can't join us in person? This event will be streamed at 7pm Eastern.

Event Details

Tuesday, Jun 6, 2017

6:30-7:00 pm: Registration
7:00-8:00 pm: Presentation
8:00-9:00 pm: Social Hour

Code as Craft participants are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct.