Raffi Krikorian – Every Problem is a Scaling Problem

Every Problem is a Scaling Problem

When I joined Twitter, it was a 50ish person company. When I left, I had 400 people reporting to me alone globally. Developing “Twitter scale” infrastructure and slaying the fail whale is usually what most people talk about — but what about the lessons learned operating a team at scale?

About Raffi Krikorian

Raffi was, until August 2014, Twitter’s VP of Engineering in charge of the Platform, the core infrastructure of Twitter. He managed 400 people who worked on, amongst other things, the business logic, the scalable services, APIs, storage, core libraries, and the internal development model of all of Twitter.

Before Twitter he used to create technologies to help people frame their personal energy consumption against global energy production (Wattzon – Business Week’s “Best Idea” 2008), fueled his television habit through writing “TiVo Hacks” (O’Reilly, August 2003), and also ran a consulting company building off-the-wall projects. At one point, he also used to teach at NYU’s ITP (created the class Every Bit You Make) and spent way too much time as a student at MIT and the MIT Media Lab (Internet 0 – Scientific American September 2004).


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Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014

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