Come find Etsy at Velocity NY 2014

Posted by on September 10, 2014

Velocity is our kind of conference, and Velocity NY happens in our backyard in that funny little borough on the other side of the river. (Manhattan) Make sure to come find us, we’ll be there teaching, speaking, and keynoting:

Monday 9am “PostMortem Facilitation: Theory and Practice of “New View” Debriefings” – John Allspaw

Monday 1:30pm “Building a Device Lab” – Lara Swanson and Destiny Montague

Tuesday 1:15pm “A Woman’s Place is at the Command Prompt” – Lara Swanson (moderator), Katherine Daniels (Etsy), Jennifer Davis (Chef), Bridget Kromhout (DramaFever), Samantha Thomas (UMN)

Tuesday 3:30pm “It’s 3AM, Do You Know Why You Got Paged?” – Ryan Frantz

Tuesday 5pm “Etsy’s Journey to Building a Continuous Integration Infrastructure for Mobile Apps” – Nassim Kammah

Wednesday 11:20am “Unpacking the Black Box: Benchmarking JS Parsing and Execution on Mobile Devices” – Daniel Espeset

Holding office hours

Nassim Kammah of our continuous integration team, the Autobot

Ryan Frantz our sleep and alert design obsessed operations engineer

John Allspaw, he should look familiar to you by now

Signing books

Jon Cowie will be signing his book “Customizing Chef”
Lara Swanson will be signing galleys of “Designing for Performance”
John Allspaw will be signing “Web Operations” and “Capacity Planning”

Posted by on September 10, 2014
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