Upcoming Etsy Engineering Talks

Posted by on April 1, 2011

Laura Beth Denker will be speaking at PHPCon in Nashville, April 22nd where she asks the question “Is It Handmade Code If You Use Power Tools?”. Learn how Etsy is using, abusing, and extending PHPUnit, and Hudson/Jenkins to allow 40 deploys in a single day, passing a battery of 5000+ tests. Learn more.

Gregg Donovan will be speaking at Lucene Revolution in San Francisco, May 26th about building out Solr to power Etsy’s vertical search product, including a number of custom extensions to Solr trunk (contributed back). Learn more. (early bird registration ends Monday)

John Allspaw will be speaking at O’Reilly Velocity in Santa Clara, June 14th on “Advanced Postmortem Fu and Human Error 101” using real world examples to illustrate how to run (and possibly not to run) blameless postmortems a key practice of resilient, high performance organizations. Learn more.

Posted by on April 1, 2011
Category: engineering, events

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