Moving Fast at Scale: a microconference at SXSW

Posted by on March 1, 2011

We know some folks wanted a recorded version of the talk. Given the complexity of our venue setup and the short timeline, we weren’t able to pull it off in Austin, but take heart, we will do a reprise of the talk when we’re safely back in Brooklyn and let you know!

In January, Etsy served over a billion page views and sellers collectively sold over $33 million of goods on the site. We also deployed the site to production 517 times with changes from over 70 unique individuals. Small, rapid changes are the key to faster release cycles, flexibility, better morale, and better uptime.

We’ve written about how we do it here on Etsy’s engineering blog (look here, here, and here for a sampling) but we’ve never explained it all in one place, in person, with free beer. That’s about to change! We’re coming to Austin for SXSW Interactive to make it happen.

From 4-6pm on Saturday, March 12, key members of the Etsy engineering team, along with special surprise guests, will offer a series of small rapid talks providing a fast-paced and intensive overview of tools, processes, and cultural practices that make moving fast easy.

Come catch a conference worth of tech talks, parties, and hallway conversations in two hours. All details about sign up and location (just 3 blocks from the convention center) are here.

Talks include:

After the talks end at 6pm, stay for drinks and bands for the rest of the night! Members of the Etsy engineering team will be hanging out.

For other events and to get the low-down on all the DIY goodness in the Etsy space throughout the weekend, check out our special Code as Craft SXSW 2011 page.

See you in Austin!

Posted by on March 1, 2011
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Which New York City startups are going to SXSW in 2011?…

We’ll have Venue 222 at 222 E. 6th Street all day Saturday and Sunday, with all kinds of DIY fun in the day, and bands and DJs at night. The engineering team will be putting on a microconference from 4-6pm on Saturday, “Moving Fast at Scale.”  Think…

Is there any chance these talks will be recorded?

Is there a chance that any of this will be recorded and made available to those of us who can’t be in Austin on the 12th?

Matt / Pate – we’re figuring out if we can stream it live. Stay tuned — we’ll update the blog post if we can get the details worked out!

Add me to the list of people who would love a streamed or recorded version! Keep up the good work.

[…] Etsy’s hosting a two party at SXSW that you just cannot miss!  They’ve a ton of events planned!  Our must-go pick is on Saturday March 12 from 4 pm – 6 pm, you can join the Etsy engineering team for the mini conference, Code as Craft: Moving Fast at Scale. […]

Any confirmation on whether or not these sessions will be recorded and posted? Would love to see them! Thanks for sharing the great content on Etsy engineering…

Hi Chad,

I just want to add my +1 for a recording, if one was made, from those of us not lucky enough to make it to Austin (from Sydney, Australia).


Hi guys,

Another +1 for the recorded show. Any further timescales on it?


Hi all,

We’re going to try to do a recording of the talks within the next three weeks!

Thanks for all of the interest.


in all honesty, this was the best tech event of SXSW hands down. Recording would be awesome, slides would be nice.

Hey Chad,

Any chance the NY reprisals will be open to the public?

[…] got to check out Etsy’s geeky “Code as Craft: Moving Fast at Scale” talk Saturday afternoon, which I found invigorating. Discussing mainly their rapid and […]

Hi all,

I just posted details on the NYC version of the talks. They will be recorded and the talks are open to the public! Details here (along with the slides from Austin):