Etsy Handmade Code Contest Winners

Posted by on November 16, 2010

Wow!  Judging took a lot longer, and was a lot harder than we expected.  In all, there were 34 eligible entries.  We were especially happy to have 8 mobile entries, spanning the gamut from iPhone/iPad to Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile.  This is great news for everyone who’s been wanting to browse Etsy on their mobile phones.

We also recently launched our Etsy App Gallery.  This will become a comprehensive list of all the Etsy Apps that exist out there in the wild.  So far we have over 30 apps listed, including the contest winners, and developers are listing new apps every day.  We’ve also created the Etsy Apps Team where developers can get in touch with Etsy community members, get feedback on their apps, and talk about what apps the community wants to see.  Check it out!

And without further ado… here are the winners:

Category Winners

These apps won the Grand Prize of $5,000 each:

Buyer Tools Etsy Vintage Timeline “Very simple product idea with great execution. Delightful to use.”
Seller Tools Etsy On Sale “Awesome idea and very popular with the community.”
Mobile App Etsy Lovers “Impressive use of various Etsy APIs.”

Honorable Hacks

These apps won $500 each.  We had so many great Seller Tools entries, we had to choose three!

Buyer Tools Favoritizer “Great feature around one of the key activities on Etsy.”
Seller Tools Etsy Catalog “Big scope…very cool idea.”
Seller Tools Etsy Text “Nice support for a wide variety of mobile devices.”
Seller Tools ShipRush
for Etsy
“Powerful ideas for order fulfillment optimization.”
Mobile App Craftsy “Great design.”

Winners were selected by our final round judges: Chad Dickerson, CTO of Etsy, Jared Tarbell, co-founder of Etsy, and Tarikh Korula, founder of Uncommon Projects.

Major props to all our contestants from both the Etsy Admins and the whole Etsy Community—you guys are the best!  We’re excited to list all of the contest entries below, so make sure to check them out.  (Some of the entries don’t have public URLs yet; check back for updates.)

Autofy for Etsy and QuickBooks Integration • Berry Etsy Browser • Colormatch
Craftopolis – Edit Express • Craftopolis – Shop Lovers • Craftopolis – Tag Report
Et Cetera • Etsy Addict • Etsy Colors • Etsy Espy • Etsy Stars • Etsy2go
etsy4kids • EtsyTube Instant • Etsywishlist • FotoFuze • Glancely
HelperOfTheBride • Insomnia • LondonsGate • InstantEtsy • simplebooklet • The Etsy Bazaar • Treasury Junior • Zetsy

Posted by on November 16, 2010
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Many thanks for running the contest, I’m thrilled to have been chosen as a winner. Looking forward to checking out all the other entries.

glad to see the favoritizer made the cut!

vintage timeline is very fun too, though as far as i can tell it relies on the sellers tags or titles though and those can be all over the map.

Wasn’t privileged to the contest., but happy for the winners!

I am so happy to find additional apps to help manage my etsy business!

So it if I’m looking for a tool that will help me track inventory in multiple locations -IE Etsy, consignments, etc. It sounds like Autofy is the one to look into? I would like it to automatically pull from my master inventory db when something sells on etsy so that I have an easy to manage way to see what my true inventory is. Let me know if there are any other tools you recommend. It’s extremely time consuming to keep track of it as is….perhaps i could be doing it better. Thanks!

[…] and sellers of handmade products has announced the winners of its Etst Handmade Code contest. An announcement at their blog, mentioned that there were a total of 34 eligible entries, including several mobile […]

Etsy On Sale is such a great idea, congratulations to all the winners.

Very nice items. All the entrants should be congratulated. Best regards, vinces Jewelry Gallery

I would love to have an app that I could use to arrange my shop by color. I do it manually, but it is tedious with the way the site is set up and then, by the end of the day it looks disorganized again.

[…] Favoritizer finished fourth in the Etsy contest receiving an “Honorable Hack Award” and a $500 prize, just missing out on the $5000 prize awarded to the top three. More important than any prize the startup was off to a running start! The little company received a huge amount of exposure to it’s target market, at no cost. Exposure that without the contest would have been impossible to obtain at any cost. Checklet also found itself with a read made clientele, already using Favortizer, ready to devour more tools. […]

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