Sebastian Bergmann (author of PHPUnit) at Etsy on October 7

Posted by on October 5, 2010

Sebastian Bergmann, author of PHPUnit, will be visiting Etsy this
Thursday, October 7th. He’ll be giving a talk on the State of PHP
Quality Assurance,
including an overview of PHP code quality and
static analysis tools.

PHPUnit is the test harness of choice for PHP developers all over the
world. It has great support for mocks, fixtures, and the other
features you’d expect in an XUnit framework, plus awesome extras like
tools for mocking database connections, and baked-in Selenium

Every engineer at Etsy writes automated tests on a daily basis, and
our Hudson continuous integration server runs about 2500 tests with
every code push. Since we push code around 20 times a day, that means
running around 250,000 PHPUnit tests in a typical work week!

So we were thrilled when Sebastian accepted our invitation to visit
Etsy. It’s been fantastic to sit in code reviews with him, and to
hear his thoughts on writing and automating tests, on code coverage
and on software QA in general. Some of these ideas will be covered in
his forthcoming book, but why wait? Come to Etsy, have a beer, meet some TDD
hackers, and get schooled.

Posted by on October 5, 2010
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This was a great talk!